Round 2: Jon wins (with an assist from Tristan)

Two days of cutting and measuring thanks to (shocking) custom woodwork behind the cabinets and stove — and the microwave is mounted! Jon did the lion’s share of the work with Tristan helping raise the oven, bolt it in, and correct for a small drilling miscalculation.

My contributions: to point out the vent wasn’t quite lined up and needed a nail in order to line the exit duct up with the microwave fan flap, some help with measuring, and two botanical cocktails when we were done!

A mint julep using garden mint and a gin cooler using st Germaine, basil and cucumbers from the garden. Yum!!


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2 responses to “Round 2: Jon wins (with an assist from Tristan)

  1. The actual work looks terrifying. Although I’ve stood on counters to get that sort of thing done before, I’ve also taken enough falls to be wary.

    On the other hand, I totally approve mint julep as the rewards bonus round.

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