Away From Here

In the darkness waiting for sleep

The sound of snoring


Under that

A ticking clock.


Your rage

My heart aches with helplessness

When will sleep come to carry me away from here?



ovulation time, when eggs swim everywhere blinding me with desperate need

a week of wandering through days  in a half-drugged state of maddening arousal

men transform into perfectly cooked steaks – especially the seasoned ones who’ve weathered fatherhood

it’s a hungry time.  ripe time.  vulnerable time.

A good time to stay home but every cell strains to get out, get laid.  right now.

soon this will pass, just like midsummer passes, and cool calm will come again

but for this week, the goddess dreams.

2 responses to “Other

  1. Jen

    so true, so true….


  2. Kari

    uh huh. Painfully maddening. Transforms you into something far more intuitive and primal. Removes you completely from sound reasoning or clarity. What ever it is we become during this time reminds us of just how predatory and wild our flesh is. Enter the spirit, and the war begins.


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