backyard botanics

A blog evolving into a diary of sustainable living at a revolutionary-era farm. Gardening, creating botanicals, embracing 21st century values and practices.

5 responses to “About

  1. Dean

    This is a fantastic outlet Kirsti. I finally got around to visiting. Looking forward to more postings!



  2. Jen

    It is amazing to hear you…


    ~ me


  3. Cherie

    I don’t get to this page often, but when I do I absolutely love to read what you’ve written. You have a wonderful way with words…



  4. Kari

    I am amazed and often lose my breath in the truth of what you write. For those of us who struggle at capturing the truth in words, your gift is especially treasured. Thank you for sharing your gift, my star.


  5. carol holly

    Now that you’ve shared your blog with me, I understand another side of you that was previously unknown. Among your many talents, I do love this one the most because it is one to which I have also aspired. Inspire – that’s what you do for me.



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