Feet in the Grass, wine glass in hand, I’m watering, weeding, digging, and learning how to connect with the planet without camping … 

HI, I’m Kirsti, a long-time gardener of herbs, flowers, vegetables, and fruit, a student of world religions and mystical traditions, a working mom, yoga practitioner, practicing witch, writer, and lover of all things Gaian.

This blog walks a path toward living closer to the Earth, making a personal connection to source, spirit, and planetary energy. Gardening and uses of of herbs, vegetables, flowers and fruit, seasonal tides and their energies, connecting to the moon and the weather, love, flow, ritual, meditation, mindfulness, beauty, inspiration, sustainability, healing, nature, and other things goddess-loving … for the fun, interest, and healing of it.

The tides and creatures of the planet inspire, ground and nourish me; my relationship to the land has been the foundation of my spiritual practice. I’ve created this blog to share some of that inspiration, grounding, and nourishment with you, and to help inspire and guide you in your own relationship with our beautiful planet.

Growing food for my family while working full time, going to graduate school, commuting, and parenting, making our meals from local farm shares or my own vegetable garden, and growing culinary herbs, berries and flowers, has given me a relationship with dirt and organic matter that has fed my soul and body. Coming in contact with plants and the soil that nourishes them can feed your body and soul, too.

Connecting with the environment as spiritual practice has given me a leg to stand on in keeping sane and well in our crazy, fast, and challenging world. My journey has included a christian upbringing, catholic college, years in two different covens, a Master of Religion that included a study of eastern philosophy and ancient christianity, and finally the development of a nature-based spiritual practice that blends eastern philosophy and meditation with witchcraft, yoga, and a splash of positivity. It’s a bit of a stew, or maybe a cocktail, but it works for me. Connecting to the planet will work for you, too.

Living in tune with the planet is nurturing and fun. Living in tune with ourselves is healing. This blog explores the stories, methods, and processes of both. I hope you will join me, and share your own ideas, thoughts, and experiences.

You can be in touch with me at kirsti@millehillfarm.com or find me here, on Pinterest, or on Instagram.

In gratitude,


5 responses to “About

  1. Dean

    This is a fantastic outlet Kirsti. I finally got around to visiting. Looking forward to more postings!



  2. Jen

    It is amazing to hear you…


    ~ me


  3. Cherie

    I don’t get to this page often, but when I do I absolutely love to read what you’ve written. You have a wonderful way with words…



  4. Kari

    I am amazed and often lose my breath in the truth of what you write. For those of us who struggle at capturing the truth in words, your gift is especially treasured. Thank you for sharing your gift, my star.


  5. carol holly

    Now that you’ve shared your blog with me, I understand another side of you that was previously unknown. Among your many talents, I do love this one the most because it is one to which I have also aspired. Inspire – that’s what you do for me.



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