Eyeball Kisses

Five is unaffected

An ocean of desire and curiosity flowing through her small body

catapulting through the world in pursuit of



eyeball kisses

Not like butterflies or suction cups

Lips grasping my eyelid and planting a kiss there

There is no love like the trusting love of five.

All is new, all is need.  And I am it’s object

artless and thoroughly invested, as love should be

a shower of tempests, a storm of independence and feigned indifference

alternating with a desperate petition for sustence, reassurance, and eyeball kisses.

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One response to “Eyeball Kisses

  1. kari

    I think 5 is my favorite age. Well, a true toss up between 18 months and 5.
    Precious. So much so it makes my heart ache with joy and the desire to freeze them at this age forever.
    Nicely put, Kirst.


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