Winter’s Arrival

In Winter

the mourning mother.

When grey skies swaddle us and chill air embraces the land

a young woman descends into the arms of the dark man

her lover, because she was promised to him,

her lover – because she chose him.

thinking of him, imagining his nearness, fear strangles breath

Because He knows the outskirts of life, the intricacies of pain and surrender

complete and infinite in his understanding, his mastery of the darkness.

His only desire  comes to him delicate,

the most fragrant lily trembling in his presence


And with every gift, a sacrifice:

The goddess-mother mourning her loss

my tender heart journeying to places beyond my protection, beyond

my reach,

and I, a blackened flower fallen into winter’s repose.

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  1. S

    Wow. said you were a good writer


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