Half-way good-bye

Good-bye is so hard to say, even when it is good to say bye and you are filled with the sort of confidence

that all is as it should be, that happiness is yours or will be soon,

that the next moment will be as full as the one you are releasing.

or if the good bye is a solid one.  full of sureness and resolution;

when the good-bye is for someone you no longer love, or who somehow robs you of comfort

But yours wasn’t one of those (I wish it was).

Not even a real good-bye. More of a half-way good-bye or even a cheater’s good-bye. The sort of good-bye

that pretends it isn’t.

“Trust that I will explain when I can” is not a respectable good-bye.  It lacks every kind of painful wonder we attribute to words that mean

you became someone in my life and I will miss you. this time together was bright and arousing and gave me happiness and comedic joy, your leaving makes me cry, and I gave something of myself to you and now you’re leaving me to remember you and us in all us’s too-shortness, so…



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3 responses to “Half-way good-bye

  1. Been reading lots of your musings and writings lately, very glad to see you are diving in full speed. This piece was especially touching, very strong, almost harsh, yet beautiful


    • kirstifrazierjung

      Hey Scott –
      It’s great to hear from you. Thanks for checking my writing out. It’s nice to hear what you think of it. I’m finding the writing is important – it’s where I’m putting my creative energy (it has to have somewhere to go). How are things? How are your boys? Are you hosting xmas? -K


      • Hi Kirsti!

        Doing well here, got promoted in Oct (woo hoo more stress). Boys are both doing great, my oldest is loving culinary arts; the youngest is digging into his school work like a pro.

        Christmas is here at my house, my brother from Dubai is coming with his family, will be nice to see my nephew.



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