I’d like to ask folks who’ve humored me enough to read … I’m thinking of completing the manuscript and publishing it (as inexpensively as possible) to Amazon.

If anyone would prefer that I continue to post here on the blog raise your hand to let me know.  Otherwise that’ll be the vehicle I use.  Thank you so much for the feedback I’ve been getting.  It’s been fantastic …


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  1. Jennifer Cabrera

    I’m enjoying the story and will continue to read however you decide to publish it. If you decide to self-publish, don’t wait too long. 🙂 I think you should self-publish on Amazon even if you decide to keep posting chapters to your blog.


  2. Cherie

    I agree with Jennifer, however you publish it I’d very much like to continue reading it.


  3. kirstifrazierjung

    Okay, then. I’ll post as I work toward finishing the manuscript. 🙂 More tonight.


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