Mystic Mama

What with all the warm weather and strange events it’s hard not to pause and take stock of things.  My little corner of the world this year has seen friends, family, and acquaintances having abrupt life changing events,  dealing with crisis, contemplating how they got to where they are and if they should change that, trying new things,  trying old things,  reconnecting, connecting, whatever.

Being no exception to the rule, I paused recently to wonder what, exactly, a mom with a preoccupation with religious philosophy (and a graduate degree to match it), a reputation for intuitive ability, and a blog, should really be doing with her spare time (other than laundry).  Like everyone else I know who’s asked this question this year, I’ve only come up with one answer:  stop swimming against the current and do what comes naturally.

Seems like a no-brainer but I don’t know very many people who are good at this, including me.  For instance, who among us can really say that they follow their own good advice?  And if you ask yourself what you love and then contemplate how much time you give yourself for that pursuit, how many of us can answer more than 10 minutes/week?  Well a few of us can (like my kids), but most of us can’t.

So, I’ve been zooming ahead in my editing of the seventh sister – a breach of fidelity I know.  I’ll get that out via create space asap.  Here, I’m going to change course.  I’m going back to my religious studies – with, of course, emphasis on mystic traditions – what else?   Privately, not at university.  And I’m going to start blogging about that here.  What I’m reading, experiencing, learning.

I realize that despite having worked for a while at the Tremont doing readings for a few years with success, there are holes in my psychic training.  Plus I’ve been sitting on it like a paperweight.  And studying buddhism and gnosticism for my thesis got me to a starting point – not an ending point.  So here I go.

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