The Fool

The Rider-Waite Fool

The Fool is the first – or, if you like, the last – card of the Tarot’s major arcana.  Bearing the number zero, the fool represents the spirit, the soul in search of experience, connecting the end with the beginning.

The fool is the dreaming self – the filmmaker – of our dreams.  His Associations are many:  the jester, the god of the grape and divine revelry Dionysus, the beggar, vagabond, the wild-man, the eye of the dreamer dreaming secretly.  Perhaps you are acquainted with him.

Traditionally, the Major Arcana is a map of the journey through life, through life’s mysteries, through cycles of growth, through becoming, to self-realization.  Each card is an elaborate portal to the mysteries, and the Fool is the journeyman.  He is each of us; he is the representative of our divine selves journeying through life.

If you draw the fool in a reading, know that he is pointing you toward some new experience, likely one that mixes up the everyday world with the world of imagination and creativity.  Having the power to see through the accouterments of the material world to what truly inspires, the fool points toward meaningful abandonment, or perhaps folly, if the cards surrounding him are ill-aspected.   Whatever company he is keeping in your reading, he represents your inner journeyman pointing to an experience your heart desires.

A suggestion associated with this card:  Be open to and respectful of your heart’s desire.  Explore your deepest desires lovingly, with care and humor.

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