Finding One’s Shadow at Midsummer

When the sun is at it’s zenith the shade is an inviting place to rest. Looking up at our benefactor is worth a moment’s attention. Inevitably the shade of a tree is so much more pleasant than the shade of a building. The sun through the leaves is alive, moving with the breeze and reflecting sunlight in patterns on the ground around you. Conifers are the most cooling shadow makers but at mid day their branches don’t offer the shelter we can expect from deciduous trees.

Our own shadow’s aren’t as magnanimous. We “throw shade” to cast doubt, protect ourselves, or even to harm another. Fear, insecurity, whatever the impetus, it’s a rare human that doesn’t “throw shade” once in a while.

At midsummer it’s hard to spot your shadow. It’s almost like it doesn’t exist. Invisible or tiny as it is on inspection, our shadow is still active, though. Still informing our feelings and thoughts, driving some small or large part of what we say and how we see the world. I think sometimes our shadows envelop us – shading the world around us. Other times, like mid-summer, it’s the ground we are standing on.

The next time you feel bad, whether frustrated, angry, hurt, or irritated, stop to look for your shadow. It will tell you what’s bothering you if you ask it. Armed with that information you probably won’t throw any shade.

Imagine an ant in your shadow, how cool it must be for the little creature to enjoy a bit of cool. Even ants can make good use of a shadow.

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