Why Blog About Plants?

Photo by Daniel Öberg on Unsplash

Pausing to contemplate what this blog will be about this year as winter descends I realized that for so many of us what matters is connection. A real, lasting sense of feeling tied to the things that matter, the things that sustain, nurture, and give us a feeling of place and belonging.

This blog, back in its earliest days, was intended to be an expression of that and increasingly I realize that plugging into planet is just as valuable and important to people (and me) as plugging into the internet is.

So to that end, this blog will pivot slightly (but not that much) in that direction, focusing on easy, hard, hopefully inspiring and accessible ways of tying into the planet in ways that support a feeling of connection to the food, smells, tastes and happiness that knowing your food, your plants, your flowers, and all of the blessings that plant life can bestow, bring.

There will be blogs about growing herbs, hemp, vegetables, pot (yes, cannabis), flowers (perennial, mostly), and even a nod to our chickens and bunnies, to come. Aside from eggs and love, the bunnies are a great source of fertilizer. You can grow in a small planter or you can plant a garden in the ground or you can create raised bed(s). Or anything in between.

Whatever you choose, may you find and create a source of joy, pleasure, investment, occasional annoyance, and most importantly, connection to the energy that gives you a sense of belonging and ownership on this spaceship we call Earth.

Peace, love, and wellbeing.

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