Spring Ephemerals and Flow

Spring in the northern hemisphere has arrived, and with it a full moon in libra. Dazzling balance energy. For those working balance issues it’s been a big week of shifts. Whatever has been out of balance seems to have corrected in the other direction. And for me, the stories that carried me through winter fell to pieces with the equinox. They are like ashes left from a warm fire.

But, spring. Crocus, chives, and the first buds on trees; I wandered out to the garden to see. No sign of asparagus yet but the very first red rhubarb spears are emerging. The soil is warming, workable.

Yesterday I made a half-hearted start at spring clearing. Pulling old dead verbena stalks I uncovered Hellebore—beautiful nodding spring flowers. I felt a wave of comfort wash over my heart. Turning toward the kitchen garden, I found the thyme is starting to green. Just barely. And the oregano is still asleep but I could feel it stirring when I brushed my hand over it.

Seeing my old friends have made it through winter gave me quiet feelings of joy, yes, but there was something more. Signs of life emerging reminded me that it’ll be okay. Dreams break. And then there is something new to watch emerge, flower, and die back.

Flowing with the planet’s rhythm teaches impermanence. And this week I found comfort and balance in what’s emerging and quiet hope for what I’m waiting on.

May the rains of spring nourish us all.

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