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Winter Charms

Winter months are long – days are short, the air freezes your ears and bites your skin till it’s pink and chafed.  Still, it’s beautiful to see a field of snow beyond the glass, or rooftops blanketed in white.  I would miss the site if it didn’t repeat itself year after year, returning like a family member for a mandatory holiday.

And winter invites us to slow down and turn our attention in.  To our interior thoughts, our interior spaces; we are all encouraged to indulge our inner introvert and embrace cozy — this is something the Scandinavians are expert at.   I happen to be Norwegian, so I am a subject matter expert in this area.  🙂

Listening to freezing rain pelt the window from the a couch, blanket wrapped around you, is a giant perk of being human in this day and age, if you are fortunate and resourceful enough to have a warm and cozy home.  It would be a shame to pass up the opportunity of indulging in winter’s delights.

Among them, hot drinks, giant sweaters, snowboarding, knitting, hearty soups, adorable winter hats and … books.

Here, books fill a 10 foot tall bookshelf arranged in a neat row and then bearing stacks layered horizontally along the top of the row to reach the shelf that hangs above.  There are also cabinets filled with books – some behind glass, some behind wooden doors.  Topics vary – Rumi, Shakespeare, Engineering, Emergency Medicine, spell craft, the classics – Hesiod and Theogony, the Iliad, et al., modern witchcraft, Islamic poetry and philosophy, Early Gnostic Christianity, Flaubert, Jungian psychology, history, gardening books, astrology, Arthur Conant Doyle, the Dalai Lama …  and it goes on…

Standing in front of them brings me feelings of comfort, happiness and security.  So many hours of pleasure there in those books just waiting.  All I have to do is select one and settle on a nearby couch, wrap up like a burrito in a throw blanket, crack it open, and settle in.

The weeks between Yule and Imbolg, when the first seeds will stir, is a kind of gestation time, a tide perfectly suited to looking inward to take stock of where you are.  What you can be grateful for, what challenges and adventures you wish to engage when the snow finally melts.

Because it will.  The days are lengthening.  So savor winter – enjoy it in whatever way it speaks to you – while it lasts.





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Imbolg Wishes, 2014

Candle Garden

Imbolg, a fire festival marking the first stirrings of spring, is a long tradition in our family.  Every year we plant a candle garden filled with the desires we hold closest to our hearts, and share (if we want to) what we planted with each other.  These things we intend to cultivate during the coming growing season, while the days grow and stretch longer toward the summer solstice, the sun finally reaching its  longest stay in the night sky.

For myself, in a new house, my children growing and beautiful, there is the obvious desire to experience and express love.   And in 2014 I have a special wish for tranquility.  Tristan and Inga both chose to focus on endeavors they’re currently engaged in, growing personal improvement and mastery in their respective areas.  Perhaps at this time next year we’ll be able to reflect on what we decided to plant and feel satisfied with what we grew.

For now, though

time is a river, and every year we flow into new territories, finding ourselves changed and renewed, grown and altered by the ones we’ve left behind …

May the coming growing season bring a journey filled with love, happiness, and all good things for every one of us.

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