Fat Robin

This morning a robin paused
on the back lawn
having spotted me through the window
unsure, perhaps
whether to continue it’s morning hunt for worms.

I realized my intrusion

In that moment between us
he stands still, his orange chest puffed forward, portly in stance
gaze resting severely on me.

Nothing to do but to honor his request for privacy
a faint flush in my cheeks
as if I’d caught him having his morning toilet.

Perhaps I had.


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3 responses to “Fat Robin

  1. I really love “Embarrassed”, so full of spring events…keep writing


  2. Oh, woops, the title is Fat Robin. I love it.


  3. Jessica Basile

    “his morning toilet” mmm…. and his severe gaze. I can imagine this so well. Your embarrassment is in honor of the sacred, don’t you think?


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