Equinox Love

Ephemeral … or Spring Love

The crocus reaching for the sun were a reminder today that 39 years have passed
without having produced a list of events
a pile of accomplishments of note
a created cannon of work
as one might expect they should – or would have.
Delivered, as we are to a single moment
bare in it’s being
resplendent in it’s fullness
motionless, soundless.
It’s all bound up here …
Every wish and longing, hope and anguish lived
Swallowed in a moment

Of seeing

Quivering, shimmering petals receiving the spring sun as one receives a lover.


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2 responses to “Equinox Love

  1. Mom

    Thanks for sharing – actually quite good!


  2. Dean

    You’ve still got several months left! đŸ˜‰


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