Who we are to eachother

Who we are to each other

It seems like the most meaningful encounters occur by accident – the participants unwittingly playing into the hands of fate or chance as if – it was all intended.  It’s astonishing, really, to think about how we’re thrown together with people – no choice consciously made most of the time, really – and the stuff of our thoughts springs from those moments in which we experience each other.

Prone, really.

In choosing to work where I do, I unwittingly married into a family.  It’s dysfunctional and without discipline.   But there are people here who have, quite unwittingly, I think, pinched the cheeks of my days – brought color to them.

I give you Tim:

An Ode to Tim

Advice on practical matters

Such as footwear for the office

Can always be counted upon.

He plies amusing vignettes, help with my software environment, a helping hand.


I am the least of his concerns, with so  many people dependent on him for so much.

But let him not think that I do not appreciate him.   Or his flaming converse basketball sneakers.

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