This morning the snow started to come in light flakes.
and then the rest, swirling and hovering

I opened the door, expected it would be gray, forbidding;

It’s usual austere self frowning down and daring me to rebuke it.

But when I looked up to face it, the sky was glowing.

Sun lit the cloud that stretched cold above and around me, smiling down through the soaring ice

It’s halo soft, white …  surely there, behind the falling  snow.

Flakes fell

Went about their business unmoved by the sight.  Unaware of the miracle taking place around them

With an approving gaze on me, I drove to the school,  reassured by the sight of god.  Or an angel.

I’ll never be sure which.


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2 responses to “Sublime

  1. Brandon



  2. Kari

    Beautiful work, Kirst. I’m quite sure it was God… pursuing your heart. He sends me bouquets of beautiful sunrises and sunsets.
    Be blessed!


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