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Two cents (or more, depending on the interest rate)

There’s a lot of good advice out there.

Be all that you can be:  Be productive,  maximize profits,  work hard and play hard.   Twitter can help you market yourself.  Start a blog. Volunteer more, accomplish more, earn more, know more, be more skillful, buy more, network more.  Be available on a mobile device, multi-task,  have a can-do attitude, no matter the job or the circumstances.

Who would think, with so much good advice in the world, so many books and articles, so much twitter, any one of us could be troubled, depressed, lonely, mistaken, or – horrifyingly – achieving less than our full potential?

While I’m busy focusing on the 10 things I’m told matter most, all of the fluid is leaking out of my brain.

This is because the key to my happiness, and I know this, is self love  (Not self indulgence, which is easily confused with self love).  If I could honor those feelings and hunches I have, even when my brain is telling me another path forward makes more sense or has more potential;  if I could calmly seek situations that don’t compromise me;  if I could be unfailingly polite and kind, treating others as I would wish to be treated; if I could remember to share myself with the people who love and need me,  and know better than to open myself to people who don’t or can’t; if I can do those things – be self loving,  not compromise my sanity, consistently – for one whole day, that will be a really good, profitable day.  And it would be a million dollar day if I could do all of that with some silent time thrown in for good measure.  I might hear birds sing or the wind blow.  I might catch the spring peepers.

I know, that’s been done.  It’s passe.  But just the thought of conjuring happiness so simply makes me, well, happy.

No twittering, no self marketing necessary.

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This morning the snow started to come in light flakes.
and then the rest, swirling and hovering

I opened the door, expected it would be gray, forbidding;

It’s usual austere self frowning down and daring me to rebuke it.

But when I looked up to face it, the sky was glowing.

Sun lit the cloud that stretched cold above and around me, smiling down through the soaring ice

It’s halo soft, white …  surely there, behind the falling  snow.

Flakes fell

Went about their business unmoved by the sight.  Unaware of the miracle taking place around them

With an approving gaze on me, I drove to the school,  reassured by the sight of god.  Or an angel.

I’ll never be sure which.


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Death comes slowly to those that attend it
Resting heavily just outside the door

those with purpose,
with important tasks
rush around, sure of the necessity of what they’re doing
Impossibly removed, distant.

Memories for company.
Failures that reveal themselves as merciful limits planted to save you from fruitless endeavors
Folly, suddenly the friend that provides lessons carried for guidance
Material successes relinquish their comforts
leaving only
sacrifices and love spilt as water in a rainstorm

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