What we Have (In Common)

One of my favorite things about working in London at Christmas time was the pub scene after close of business.  There was so much merriment, so many people keeping company.  It held back the dark, at least for a while.  At least until the walk home.

Talking to people I notice we all struggle with something.  At least one thing.  Not everyone admits to it or recognizes it, though most of the people I know do.  It’s anxiety.  Or boredom.  Or depression.  Or a lack of contentment/connection in our relationship(s) or toxic relationships.  Or a chronic health problem,  our weight, our sense of self-worth, our financial worth or social circumstances,  difficulty parenting or not being able to parent, stress at work … or … something else.  We yoga, we meditate, we practice awareness, we practice compassion, we read self help books, we go to the spa, we volunteer, we adopt, we work out, we rock climb, mountain bike, see psychics, do psychotherapy,  practice ritual, do body work, diet, take classes, read our horoscopes, do art, procrastinate, avoid our problems, talk about our problems, drink, pray, dance, take mind altering drugs, take pilgrimages, or some combination of the above.  Plus whatever else we hear about, are recommended to, or come upon, more or less.

Our most cherished pursuit is to feel better.  Or better, good.

At any given time, I remind myself, we are all doing the best we can, pitiful as that sometimes is.  Even Donald Trump is probably doing the best he can.  And yes, it’s pitiful …. He could probably do with some psychoanalysis, or shock treatment, or prison time … but I digress…   🙂

I mean to say that holding back the dark has its purpose, and we can do that for each other in some way, keeping company, as a compliment to all of the things we do for (and to) ourselves and, by extension, the rest of the world.    Whether it’s in a chat room or in a bar.

We always have that.

Plus the goddess of compassion.  We have her, too.




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