Cold even for the winter ones

Here in New England we pride ourselves on our practicality, resourcefulness and general fabulousness.  Right now it’s freaking cold here and the wind is literally blowing the 14 inches of snow we shoveled out of the driveway back into it.  I am not kidding.

We didn’t have to drain the pipes and shut off the water because the power stayed on but I brought the farm bunnies in.

I know it seems precious – these animals thrive in the cold – but I couldn’t bear the thought of them huddled in the dark, below zero temps.  It just seemed inhumane.  So they are in my kitchen on the hearth, banked with plastic (for their pee) and nestled together in a bed of hay, which will cause my wonderful boyfriend to sneeze his head off.

The girls had a grand time playing with the bunnies, Maple and Peanut, who I realized tonight have become SO FAT.  But, here in the kitchen with their hay, food, and water they seem content to snuggle.  Me, too.  It’s cold out.  I’m going to snuggle with a warm blanket in my bed and read my horoscope. 🙂

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