Beltane in the US



The Northeast is experiencing Beltane more or less on time this year.  Sex in the fields, yeah.  May 2nd is expected to be crazy warm this year – the sun will rise on warm soil and heat the Earth like it means it.  Radishes and lettuce will wonder what happened and humans will feel the dirt on their backs and round buttocks like a song…

And it’s time to think on what we are cultivating.  What’s your inspiration?  To be immersed in a drown-you-passion?  To have a free-yourself romance?  Or something cooler – tranquility?  Deeper awareness or connection.  Money.  A new job doing what you love?  A new home, a lover that sets you on fire? Care-free care for the people who need care so that you can rest?  What do you want?  See it.

Now is the time to plant the seed.

My coven mates:  For my new home and housemates to be felicitous, grateful, creative, alive.  For sex to be wet, warm, deep, fast, hot.  For my lover to be as fabulous as ever. For my growing season to be happy, full of dance.  For my garden to be a creative space full of wild growing flowers and vegetables.  Dinner together,  For us to be healthy, energetic, loving, creative, self-aware.

We all boil it down to what matters and feels good.  Whatever you plant, when you push your index finger, your will, into the soil – make it real.  Feel the moist richness receive and surround your fingertip, smell the soil’s rich fecundity.  Know that germination is magic.  Magic and love.

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