Midsummer Magic

The year’s longest day.  Birds singing, strawberries ripening, Rhubarb ready – lettuce starting to bolt.  It’s the first wave of summer goodness and the trip the sun takes from here is down.  We have entered the realm of the holly king.  Seems impossible – we just got to summer.  But there you are – the only constant is change.

The magic if midsummer is about realization in the moment and enjoying what’s good, what’s present and available.  This is the time to count blessings and thank whatever divine source you connect to for the talents and skills you’ve acquired, the comforts you’ve garnered, the relationships you enjoy, your job or means of support.

And for change, for transformation, it could be anything from making a delicious crisp that nurtures your heart and taste buds to sitting out to watch the sun rise with a cup of coffee and listening to the birds sing to making a resolution filled with self love and trust.

This year I worked on healing wounds – neglect-wounds.  I grew from a child to a young woman without the support and love of a mother present to care for me.  Not when I was 2, not when I was 20, not when I had my kids, and not now.   She just had more important things to do.  Friends to see.  Whatever else she prioritized.  She might have been too young to be an attentive mother.  She might have been too damaged or fragile or maybe just too selfish.  It doesn’t matter why.  The magic is in seeing it, accepting it, and making lemonade with your lemons.   I also made a crisp and sat out at sunrise.  🙂

This midsummer I thanked myself for being a better mom for my kids than I had.  I thanked myself for the self-reliance I developed taking care of myself.   And I promise to be a better parent to myself than my mother was.  Lemonade.

The magic of midsummer is ease.  Enough ease to pause and take stock.  Enough light to see a little farther, a little longer.  And rhubarb, strawberries, lettuce, grass, trees, birds, sweet, warm air.

Every single act is sacred.  Every single thought is sacred.  Every single feeling is sacred. Each, created, sends ripples out into the world, in turn moving energy, perception, action, thoughts, feelings.

May our actions, thoughts, and feelings heal, comfort, support, and create awareness this summer solstice.  May we all have what we need.  May we all be happy.  May we all be well.

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