Harnessing Dark Moon Energy

A new moon reminder on my desktop.

I’ve kept a stickie by my computer monitor for years that says: New Moon. Let Go, Declutter, Sleep.

The descending dark moon is a good time for letting go of the things that are “eating” at us, aren’t benefiting us, or are creating noise and clutter around us; it’s a little like cleaning out a backpack or purse. There’s the opportunity for unloading, for unburdening, and with that, a potential for rest.

I think of harnessing the energy of moon tides as paddling downstream instead of across or upstream – working with the tide encourages ease and success. In the case of the waning new moon, releasing, reflecting as appropriate, and resting.

On the flip side of the waning dark moon is the new waxing moon – a good time to set a new intention or make a new beginning. They kind of go together since letting go of something creates an open space. And since nature abhors a vacuum, it’s best to decide what you want to fill the space with … and then the waxing crescent is for planting seeds (intentions or actual seeds!). And so on.

For me this year I chose to release some old “shoulds” that clutter up my thinking. They are like rocks under my carpet, creating a tripping hazard. Every time my mind settles on a “should” it means I am not present for the moment or for what needs doing right now. So they are out. bam. Released into the receding tide of dark moon energy. Just like that.

a south-facing new moon altar

As we begin our ascent out of a dark pandemic winter, sowing early spring vegetables and visiting garden centers (yes! woohoo!) a glance back in time has me feeling grateful for spring, for lengthening days, for the vaccine, and for the earth, rain, and sun that will nurture my gardens this year. So that’s my new moon intention.

Seedlings … herbs and flowers … spring fever at the farm!

So … a couple of last little notes about the new moon: It rises around sunrise and sets around sunset. We can’t see it because it’s between the Earth and the Sun, and the dark side of the moon is facing us.

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