April (Snow) Showers

Tulips in the snow

So much for April showers. We got snow in Massachusetts today which, while unseasonable, isn’t exactly shocking. We’ve had snow storms for Halloween, too.

At this moment, the lettuce, radishes, swish chard, and broccoli are looking a bit beaten down out in the garden. The few flowers I planted and covered are smooshed but alive, and the flowers I brought in are cozy. The temps never dipped below freezing and we have a fire. Lucky us.

But this just goes to show you that mother nature likes a joke now and then. Strings of days over 70 with sun … who can resist going to the garden center and bringing home some new lovelies … ? … and then a little mid-April wind and snow to keep us on our toes and out of the garden.

Fortunately I had some old sheets nearby to cover everything with when the snow started. I’m not sure it was truly necessary but I think it helped rescue a few blooms that would have otherwise been doomed, and my husband looked very cute out there trying to make a tent with one of his tarps over the new english daisies. You don’t see that every day. 🙂

As I write this, a couple of hours later, the snow has disappeared leaving us with a dreary but unfrozen landscape. The sheets and specially-engineered tarp tent are off the garden and everything is waiting for some sun to cheer things up.

Spring flowers cozy inside

The forecast has two more snowflakes (days with snow predicted) over the next week – this, after weeks in late March and early April with no frost. I’m pretty sure there’s no moral to the story other than keep a sense of humor, don’t throw old sheets away, and keep an eye on the forecast.

watering can for flowers and vegetables sits behind a stone sculpture of 3 birds, with a "welcome" sign, covered with sone
the potting shed, it’s watering can and welcome sign.. under a layer of snow.

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